Universal HTML5 Application Boilerplates

Built upon Yii Framework, composer, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap and many more...


21.03.2014 - Remove ~/.composer/cache/files/malyshev/ if you're having problems with dist downloads of the Debug Toolbar package
21.11.2013 - Major improvements and database schema update in 0.22.0


  1. Download phundament/app boilerplate and unpack
  2. php composer.phar install
  3. Open Phundament 3 in your web browser

The download package contains a complete installation suite, check the README file for detailed installation instructions and a troubleshooting guide.

For more information about composer visit

 Get started

How to use Phundament can be found in the

The Definitive Guide Class Reference

For a quickstart, just log in to your site with admin / adminand add content to your site

Try a demo


Use composer and the Phundament 3 package repository to manage your Yii Framework extensions.

php composer.phar \
require thomaspark/bootswatch

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